Welcome to the website for residents and visitors. Here you’ll find a Guide with lots of tempting local shopping/eating ideas, a Directory where we can all build a database of local craftsmen to help make flats even lovelier and cosier to live in. And much more…….Enjoy!

There’s also a Union Wharf Yahoo Group, containing important documents about issues and campaigns. If you’re not a member do join. It’s a bit long-winded but there’s lots of valuable information. You’ll need to set up a Yahoo identity (if you haven’t got one) and let the moderators know your flat number.

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2 responses to “Welcome

  1. Hi everyone

    I think this site looks great. As I understand it, Chrissie on the fifth floor did it. Wow! She must be some kind of computer and artistic genius!

    Well done Chrissie! Particularly the problem with two Front Pages and having to make the second one a ‘child’ of the parent one!!


  2. New comment with pic?

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